You can't talk about the history of brewing without acknowledging it's infamous prohibition era past; indeed, we're talking about Chicago's brewing pioneers who sewed the seeds for this notorious time-from inventive recipes and brewing techniques to reimagined packaging ideas and transport. It was sometimes rough around the edges, but that's what made this serious business so exciting, all in the name of giving beer enthusiasts something original and authentic.

During Prohibition, the true innovators transported their concoctions in unmarked mason jars nicknamed "pigs". It is one of the technologies that contributed to Chicago's unique and infamous beer brewing past emboldening us with the spirit and dedication of those original trailblazers to create new and interesting beers just as those original innovators intended.

It's in the spirit of determined novelty that we find our source of inspiration. We carry on the tradition of finding nuanced ways to bring interesting tastes to beer lovers through experimentation. We've learned to embrace that moment when a beer comes out truly novel. Even in its early days, innovation in the beer and spirit worlds revolved around the fearless ability to be a little different all in the name of providing beer lovers with something new and interesting to enjoy.

We've been delivering on that promise since February, 21st, 2013 when our brew kettle fired up its inaugural beer. Contentious, an IPA Fermented with Belgian yeast, created a slightly spicy brew with a shockingly enormous hop presence. Since that first brew, we have worked diligently to provide a wide range of beer for all to enjoy.

Today our brew master focuses on pushing traditional lager techniques and continuing to brew award-winning beer. While we brew some German-style beers like our Shamefaced Pilsner and our Hook & Hatchet Vienna-style Lager, we also push for extremely clean IPAs, American reds, and a variety of others. We encourage you to join us as we dream up our own modern day innovations.