Matt Smith - Brewer/Sales

Position: Brewer/Sales/Window Washer

Background: Graduated from Plainfield North class of ‘09, Attended Augustana class of ’13 and earned a degree in International Business with a minor in Chinese. First job out of college was purchasing raw materials for car cleaning products.
Left that because it was incredibly boring. So he decided to sell insurance instead. Started poking around in the brewery world and eventually was hired on at Nevin’s.

Why Brewing: Started home brewing 3 years ago. Visited breweries and really liked the people and vibe of the industry. Decided to pursue a career in the beer industry. Started taking classes at COD in The Business of Craft Beer. Met an incredibly talented and charismatic brewmaster at Nevin’s and joined their team.

Favorite Beer Style: Traditional Belgian Styles

Favorite Beer Book: The Oxford Companion to Beer by Garrett Oliver

Hobbies: Golf, cleaning his car, clipping his finger nails, watching comedies

Favorite Nevin’s Beer: Red In The Face

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