Cory Davidson - Brewer/Sales

Position: Brewer/Sales/Vanquisher of Mold

Background: Graduated from Lemont High School in 2007. Attended Roosevelt University for two years to pursue Jazz Saxophone. As much as he loved music he eventually got a little burned out after 8 years of playing. His next love in life at the time was anything that had to do with computers. He dabbled in graphic design at College of Dupage for a year but decided that was more of a hobby than a life ambition. From there he pursued a computer science degree specifically Computer Inter-networking and Technology at College of Dupage and finished with an Associates in Computer Science. While all of this was going on he was a server/bartender at a sister pub of the Nevins family getting first hand experience with beer. Ownership observed his love for craft beer provided him an opportunity to assist in the brewery. The rest is history.

Why Brewing: When he turned 21 and even before that, shh, he always loved beer. His dad when he was younger asked if he wanted to take a sip of his beer thinking he wouldn’t like it. Wrong. He loved it. That was where his love and passion for beer first started. Thanks, Dad.

Favorite Beer Style: Berliner Weisse

Favorite Beer Book: Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

Hobbies: Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Skateboarding, Beer, Videogames, Computer Science, Long Walks on the Beach, Getting sneezed on by llamas

Favorite Nevin’s Beer: Absorption Imperial Stout

We turn our noses up at nothing because we see opportunity in everything.

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