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  • Zicke Zacke

    August - October

    Zicke Zacke


    Alcohol By Volume: 5.5%
    International Bitterness Units: 18
    Malts: Munich, Vienna, Melanoidin
    Hops: Columbus, Liberty, and Hallertau Mittelfrüh
    Yeast: Augustiner lager yeast
    Description: Zicke Zacke is our ode to the bright, copper colored festbier rolled out this time of year in Bavaria. With hints of roasted nuts, caramel and a slight note of lemony hops this beer makes for a perfect fall beverage. Drink a few and learn the chant “Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Oi Oi Oi!”
    Pairings: Traditional German fare – schnitzel, weisswurst, gruyere, spicy chicken dishes.

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  • Quick Witted


    Quick Witted


    Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%
    International Bitterness Units: 15
    Malts: Red Wheat, Pilsner Malt, Flaked Oats, Sweet Orange Peel & Coriander
    Hops: Columbus for bittering only
    Yeast: Belgian Wit yeast
    Description: Our Belgian Wit is beautifully hazy with a hint of orange citrus and coriander. We let the yeast play a major role in developing the flavor profile with notes of clove and banana.
    Pairings: Spring green salad with white balsamic vinaigrette dressing, whitefish in parchment, steamed mussels, sushi, lightly seasoned poultry, or apricot glazed pork.

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  • Wishful Thinking

    November - February

    Wishful Thinking


    Alcohol By Volume: 11.3%
    International Bitterness Units: 35
    Grains: Vienna, Munich, Aromatic, Dark Crystal, Midnight Wheat, Flaked Rye, & Belgian Candi Syrup
    Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
    Yeast: Belgian Strong
    Description: This beer is deep amber with a cream colored head. Look for aromas of raisin, fig, and dried plum. The flavor is spicy, slightly acidic, with some alcohol warmth.
    Pairings: Delicious with a strip steak, decadent burgers, and perhaps a rich chocolate cheesecake.

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  • Apocalyptinator

    September - December



    Alcohol By Volume: 8.0%
    International Bitterness Units: 18
    Malts: Munich, Vienna, Dark Munich, C-60, Special Aromatic, Midnight Wheat, Chocolate, Carapils
    Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrüh for bittering
    Yeast: Augustiner lager yeast
    Description: Apocalyptinator is a big blast of caramel, chocolate and toasted toffee. If you are paying attention, you might capture some subtle fruity notes. It will have you so entranced that you won’t even notice the four horsemen riding by.
    Pairings: Rare Wagyu beef burger, flan, or creamy Limburger

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  • Hook And Hatchet


    Hook And Hatchet


    Alcohol By Volume: 5.0%
    International Bitterness Units: 23
    Malts: Vienna, Munich, Cara Vienna, Carapils, and Midnight Wheat
    Hops: Columbus for bittering and Hallertau Mittelfrüh
    Yeast: Augustiner lager yeast
    Description: Hook & Hatchet has a biscuit, pretzel & bread malt profile coupled with spicy & floral German hops to create this beautiful copper hued beer.
    Pairings: Spicy Latin inspired dishes, hearty German fare such as schnitzel and dumplings, savory roasted chicken, mild cheeses like Monterey jack, Port Salut.

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  • Absorption

    January - April



    Alcohol By Volume: 10.5.0%
    International Bitterness Units: 44
    Malts: Pale Ale, Various Caramel Malts, Special Aromatic, Dark Munich, Vienna, Midnight Wheat, Roast, Chocolate, Carapils
    Hops: Columbus for bittering
    Yeast: Belgian Wit
    Description: Jet black with a creamed coffee head. Look for aromatics of a freshly made cafe mocha, hints of sweet dates and a touch of roastiness. Absorption is full-bodied, with a slight malty sweetness and just enough bitterness to cut the malt bill.
    Pairings: Flourless chocolate cake, rare prime rib, a really well-aged crystalized cheddar, or an evening of with your best friends.

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  • Red In The Face

    Year Round

    Red In The Face


    Alcohol By Volume: 7.3%
    International Bitterness Units: 40
    Malts: Pale Malt, Dark Munich, Honey Malt, CaraVienna, Crystal Malt, Carapils, Midnight Wheat
    Hops: Columbus, Mosaic & Chinook
    Yeast: Augustiner lager yeast
    Description: Red In The Face is a deep ruby red with aromas of fresh grapefruit, pine, and mild tropical stone fruits. The toasty & fruity malt profile provides an excellent balance to the citrus and pine flavors of the hop profile.
    Pairings: Grilled steak, street style tacos, gruyere cheese and chili mango

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