Our Brewery

Nevin's Draft Company opened its doors in December of 2012. Between the time we opened and the time we brewed our first beer, we were like expectant parents meticulously putting every piece in its proper place, ensuring that everything was perfect for our beer. On February 21st, 2013, our brew kettle fired up for the first time with our inaugural beer, Contentious, an IPA fermented with Belgian yeast. This created a slightly spicy brew with an enormous hop presence. Since that first brew, our brewmaster works diligently to provide a wide range of brews for all to enjoy.

Although our brewmaster loves the beer he makes, he’s not the only one that admires it. Our beer regularly performs well in competition. In 2015, we were honored to receive Best In Show at the Midwest Brewer’s Fest for our Wishful Thinking, Belgian-style strong dark. Tastings.com recently rated a few of our beers. Hook & Hatchet, our Vienna-style lager, earned 91 points, Apocalyptinator, our German-style doppelbock, earned 92 points, and Zicke Zacke, our German-style märzen, earned 87 points.

Today, our brewmaster focuses on pushing the limits of traditional lager techniques. While we brew some German-style beers, like our Pilsener and our Hook & Hatchet Vienna-style lager, we also push for creating extremely clean IPAs, American reds, and a variety of others using our house lager yeast. We encourage you to join us to try out our latest creations from the brewery and check out our latest experiments. We, at Nevin’s, brew because we’re infatuated with what happens when malted barley steeps in hot water, when hops dance in the boiling wort, and when yeast takes on the sacred task of converting our sugar water to beer. No style is off our radar. We turn our noses up at nothing because we see opportunity in everything.